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Coming 2024

New Construction 2-Family Home, 117 S 7th street Newark 

New Construction 2-Family Home, 219 S 6th street Newark 


Coming Soon 2024

New Construction 2-Family Home

99 Osborne Terrace Newark NJ 07108

Improving communities through homeownership is what we do!

  • At Algorithm Real Estate Holdings, LLC. we specialize in urban infill and the rehabilitation of residential property. We redevelop property that has been born out of systemic vacancy issues such as foreclosures, municipal, land bank or institutional assets. Basically, we are problem properties solvers. Call us, we'd like to discuss how we can put your problem properties back into productive use. 

  • Algorithm is a socially conscience business and its goals are simple – we want to help improve underserved communities by reducing blight. We hope our efforts result in a safer and more aesthetically pleasing urban block.  We focus on homeownership as a means to increase pride in neighborhoods and to create generational wealth for people who are typically left out of this wealth building vehicle.
  •  If you are municipality, landbank or an institution with non-performing assets.  We can help you. 

  • We'll help Increase the Homeownership rate in your city. 

  • We'll Return non-performing municipal assets into assets that contribute to your City’s tax rolls

Mission Statement

“At Algorithm, we believe homeownership is the cornerstone of generational wealth and the bedrock on which communities and families stand. Redevelopment is crucial to the improvement of underserved communities because of its two-prong effect. It reduces blight while simultaneously increasing the homeownership rate. Here’s what we do, we acquire a real estate asset; we improve that asset and then we sell that asset. Development is simple but it’s not easy, yet we do it effectively".

Van Robinson, Managing Member

Algorithm Real Estate Holdings, LLC


Registered New Jersey

 New Home Builders

Certified Minority Business Enterprise M/BE

Registered New Jersey Home Improvement Contractors

Service Area

Essex County, New Jersey

Hours of Operation

Monday to Friday: 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM

Contact Information

Algorithm Real Estate Holding, LLC

142 Lafayette Street

Newark, New Jersey 07105

Phone: 917-596-2906


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